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Hopeful Anticipation (Part 1)

I was ecstatic upon hearing the doctor tell me that the blood test showed that the baby was a GIRL! It didn't matter so much that there were other concerns in that moment. The test's accuracy was in the ninety some percentile, so that was enough to warrant girl clothing shopping even more so. It was exciting, but there were plenty of clouds of uncertainty that were looming, and the path to this moment was not without difficulties.

The months leading up to this moment contained various unrelated problems, and included a very early miscarriage. That was hard, but nothing compared to what God would allow me to walk through in the future. When I found out that God had given us another baby, I was so thankful, as well as excited. There was some apprehension, but we had just lost one, so I was certain that this baby would be more than just okay.

The moment that everything changed was when we were doing an in-office ultrasound with our doctor. We got to see our precious baby and hear it's heartbeat. Everything appeared normal from our perspective, but the doctor noticed something that was cause for concern. She pointed out the "bump" that was on the back of the baby's neck underneath the skin. We questioned what it was, but she wasn't sure and we were booked an appointment with Children's Hospital within the next few days.

Upon arriving at the hospital, we waited in the clinic waiting room, which was filled with so many people that were walking through something extremely difficult. After waiting our turn, our name was called and we were ushered into a room with a round table. It was as though they already knew exactly what our baby had. All of these statistics for various things were discussed with us, and the doctor went over our family genetic histories for both sides. It was like trying to put the puzzle pieces together of what was going on in some ways.

Before long, it was time for an ultrasound that was fancier and more detailed than any that I had ever had up to that point. It was exciting to see my baby once again, and I almost forgot that we were at the hospital because there was indeed cause for concern. Our baby was moving around and even appeared to give a wave, or at least the doctor thought so, as he excitedly entered the room saying, "Hi, Mom and Dad!"

Turner's Syndrome. That's what the specialist determined that our baby most likely had. There was still so much that we didn't know about what was going on, and it was completely unchartered territory, but I knew that God was going to be with us through it all. They performed a blood test, and I remember the nurse wanting to know if I would like to find out the baby's sex. It was something that I hadn't even thought of, but they would be able to tell with a high percentage of accuracy while doing the other tests.

I agreed excitedly, because who really wouldn't want to know, or at least have a good idea, if God had chosen to give them a baby boy or a baby girl?

It was Spring and God had given me a little blessing.

On the phone that day, when discussing my results, it was confirmed at a high percentage of accuracy that our baby had Turner's syndrome, and that babies that had it were girls. It was hard to tell how sick she was. It was possible to be something that was completely unnoticeable, or it could be something more severe. The doctor assured me too, that I would have already lost her by that point, if that was going to happen, since we were now in the 2nd trimester. Either way, I was excited and was praying that God would heal her and everything would be okay.

Maybe you have been there. Maybe you have been in that place where you were so excited about something, but it was mingled with bad news too. Know that the Lord, God Almighty, knows what you are going through. Draw near to Him-because He loves you.

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