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New Kicks

I knew the moment that I spotted them in the local department store. There they were on display-new shoes. These weren't just any new shoes, mind you, these were "special" shoes. The ones that I thought I had to have and just couldn't live without. As I picked them up and analyzed their uniqueness, I noticed that not only did they come in this really cool pinky/coral color, but also in a dreamy bright blue. Did I mention that they didn't even have laces?

As I placed the display shoe back on the shelf, I promptly began to search for my size. There it was in the pink. My size! Quickly, I slid the box that I needed out from the stack of other sizes, and decided to search for my size in the blue as well. Aww. I struck out on that, but I was thankful to find at least a pair. Given that the store was having a giant sale, and the shoes were deeply discounted for such brand name kicks, it was a major fete.

Quickly, I replaced the eye-catching shoes back into their home of a box and proceeded toward the cash register at the front of the department store. I darted through the maze of packed metal clothing racks for a bit until I reached the home stretch of the clear center aisle. After checking out, the neatest shoes ever made were mine.

It has been years now, and I still have those shoes. They really stand out, don't you think?

We all most likely have them lurking somewhere. No, not pink shoes. You know what I'm talking about now. Those items that you have held on to years, whether it's a pair of shoes from high school, an old favorite toy, a piece of clothing that you just can't part with, or even a letter that someone wrote you. The list could go on and on for quite a while.

While it's not a bad thing to keep and hold onto things that might have special meaning, we do have to remember that in the end they are just things. It made me think of what we keep and hold onto in our lives that really isn't good for us. It may not even be something tangible, and it might not seem too noticeable at first glance. Maybe it is a grudge, a bad attitude, a relationship, a bad habit, or what we do (or don't do) with our free time (Time is all a gift from God, really.).

What is there in your life that is holding you back from growing? What is there in your life that you are holding onto that needs to be let go of? It may even hurt to let go of it, but God has better plans. What weeds need pulled in your life?

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